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Trials of a Black Eyed, Slinky Fur Demon

Hell's Padded Cell

25 August
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ZOMG! YAY! Memoirse of a black eyed, slinky fur-demon


Nairi: Black-Eyed, Slinky Fur Demon. (BESFD) Disguised as a ferret, her ultimate goal is to take down the Winchesters. Right now? She makes do with the stuffy!Winchesters. Honing her skill before the final battle

Onci: 'owner' of the black-eyed, slinky fur demon. Most often is the subject of her test run execution on her latest plan. Also, deliverer of snack.

Beezlebubba: The Desktop. Pure Evil. With attached Monitor Scrying Tool, through which Beezlebubba allows Nairi to keep track of the Winchesters on a weekly basis. (and sometimes she let's Onci watch too, even if 'down in front' is not a term she is familiar with)

YED: The Laptop. Lesser Evil. Evil Lite. More like one of Hell's Cheerleaders

Muppet!Sammy: The hapless number 1 victim of BESFD's vandetta against all things Winchester. Injuries to date; both arms torn off, nose bit off, blinded in one eye and licked bald in places. (Good thing Onci is also a skilled stuffy!surgeon

BlueMousie!Dean: Muppet!Sammy's Older Brother, and we don't ask how that is possible, one being a mouse and one being a ... kinda cross between a Tim Bit and shag carpeting with eyeballs. He tries to protect Muppet!Sammy, but more often than not, it's a clever ploy to lure him into BESFD's clutches. Injuries to date; both ears torn off, tail pulled out and some... uh... more intimate tearing when Nairi decided to take the term, tear you a new one, literally.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: As himself. Seeing as he is insisting on being in every. single. one. of my dreams recently
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