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Hey Wait IT'S MY Berfsday

Aug. 25th, 2009 | 06:56 pm

Why you all wishing happy berfsday to me in HER LJ?




Aug. 3rd, 2009 | 09:22 pm

Face of "I hate you"


ZOMG... I hate you...

Apr. 11th, 2007 | 01:51 pm

Onci: *carefully carries in cage with BESFD after leaving her for two weeks at kennel*

Nairi: *in full ferrety slump of pout* You know I hate you...

Onci: I am sorry, Nairi, but I didn't have time and well... you LIKE going to terrorize... I mean, play with the cats at kitty Club Med.

Nairi: 18 days...

Onci: I know...

Nairi: No snack...

Onci: bant couldn't get to a postbox to send any to you. But they gave you wet kitty food to make it up...

Nairi: She's on my list too... That's you, Winchesters, bant ... that Jeffrey Guy...

Onci: Well then, seeing as you're so mad at me.. I am guessing you don't want any of this *brings out new bag of Bacon Bandits

Nairi: ZOMG! YAY SNACK!!! *dances* Ohhhh, I missed you! YAY *kisses snack*

Onci: So, all better?

Nairi: No, you still die...

Onci: And this would be different from every other day how?

Getting Ready For Winchesters

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 07:38 pm

(just for the record... Onci does have a ferret with surprisingly fresh breath at the moment. But it was sugarless, so no harm to Ms Butt)

Onci: *at the computer writing some on Padackles epic with Jax* And then Jensen licked... *hears a small crash from the living room* Dammit! *goes in to investigate, can't see Nairi* Where is that fert?

Nairi: *pounces on Onci's leg and twitches her whiskers* ZOMG! YAY! Here I am!

Onci: What have you been up to in here I heard a crash...

Nairi: *looking as innocent as a BESFD can* Noooothhhhiinnnnnng

Onci: *looks around some more be sees no obvious damage* Well, behave yourself.

Nairi: You got it, Pontiac

Onci: *goes back to writing* Now where was I? Oh yeah... Jensen licks... *hears a rattling from the living room* The Hell? *goes back to investigate and finds Nairi with her head in one of those 100 pcs Dentyne tubs* Nairi!

Nairi: *backs out of it, looking innocent* I didn't do it!

Onci: But I just caught you. What are you doing?

Nairi: Tonight is Winchester night... I have heard the way to lure men into a trap... I mean... make friends is to make sure you have good breath...

Onci: Nairi... you're a ferret. I really do't think your breath will help you lure them into your trap you think the word knows nothing of... *picks up ferret* But you DO have suprisingly fresh breath.

Nairi: Can I destroy... I mean ,,, play with Muppet!Sammy now? I need to train... uh... play.

Onci: Sure, but first, let me re-attach his arm

ZOe My Gawd

Mar. 20th, 2007 | 11:13 am

Onci: *gets up, still sleepy*

Nairi: *twitches and head pops up like a ferret Toaster Strudle from the slat in her fleecy hammock* ZOMG! YAY! Up time!

Onci: Shower first.. not falling for that today *goes and takes a shower and starts breakfast before letting BESFD out of her cage*

Nairi: *launches at bottom of Onci's pyjamas and hangs on* ZOMG! I keeel youuuuu

Onci: You want snack? That what you want?

Nairi: I want to make you and those like you pay in blood! I want World Domination! I want Sammy's head on a pike!

Onci: *shakes bag* So... chicken?

Nairi: *lets go and gets into 'beg' position, letting the hate of her subjugation to the flavoured plasticine guide her wrath* Yeah... chicken's good

Nairi's Campaign, the full size pics!

Mar. 18th, 2007 | 10:38 pm

Feel free to download and don't forget BESFD (Black-Eyed, Slinky Fur Demon) for third season ;)

imagesCollapse )

Nairi Icons!

Mar. 13th, 2007 | 09:37 pm

Feel fre to pimp her as a *cough* season three monster

Here are icons for her people! Please credit where credit is due

for lori

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And credit blinkymulrooney

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

all these icons are gorgeous :) I am sure their artists would love for you guys to use. No hotlinking and crap.

Feel free to pimp nairi_butt for season three Monster of the Week

Listen up, Eric Kripke... Nairi is coming for you...

request from hapless 'owner'

Mar. 13th, 2007 | 06:28 pm

Nairi need an anti-Winchesters icon... anyone wanna take that on?

Evil Bath-Type Person Must DIE!

Mar. 13th, 2007 | 02:10 pm

Onci: *minding her own business and getting ready to go to work*

Nairi: *runs about looking for new place to launch test run of new sooper seekrit attack plan for maximum Winchester Damage YAY!*

Onci: *brushes teeth, hair, puts on make up*

Nairi: *flips over her used litter pan, get under it and uses it as armoured vehicle under which to get close enough to attack Winchester!Ally*

Onci: *oddly, notices mobile litter pan with little feet under it*

Nairi: *giggles to self and how she has once again outsmarted her opponent*

Onci: *lifts litter pan* Uhhh… Nairi?

Nairi: AHHH! Remember the trainings! Freeze! Their eyesight is based on movement! *freezes in place, whiskers twitching*

Onci: *leans in close and makes a face* Awww, dude, you totally flipped over the used one? Gah! Now you smell like pee and I have to clean shit up, literally, before going to work. C’mon bathtime *picks up ferret who starts to squirm and claw*

Nairi: No fair! You can’t see me! ZOMG! HELP! Ack water AND shampoo!

Onci: Quit squirming… *puts ferret in pen and grumbles while going to clean up the shit before going to work* going to be late… know she also stole my shoes again

Nairi: That’s it! You better run ZOMG! *Plots demise of evil!WinchesterAlly Bathing Person… but after Snack* Hey! Seeing as youse still here… can I get some snack in here?

Demons and Chocolate... A Volatile Mix

Mar. 12th, 2007 | 10:43 am

Onci: l*ooks around and sees no Nairi, relaxes and sits down. Has D/L’ed Born Under a Bad Sign and is about to seriously perv on some evil!Sammy torturing Dean action*

Nairi: *Sneaks up behind victim, lines her up then runs and scales Beezlebubba to launch a full scale attack on Onci’s knees* Ahhhh! Die die! Die! Why. Won’t you succumb to my superior evilness!

Onci: Nairi? Why are you biting my knees!

Nairi: I will cripple you with my bite of power! Now… give me snack! No wait SAMMYYYYYY WANT Sammy! No! Dean! Gimme Dean, must bite his nose. No.. snack! *shivers*

Onci: Uhhh you been hitting the fermented fruit in the composter again?

Beezlebubba: I am not sure about that, but someone is in serious need of a claw trim

Nairi: *crawls onto computer desk and stands in front of Attached Monitor Scrying Tool bounces between it and the speakers, checking out the webcam on the way by* I can hear you… I can see you… I will vanquish you. Now! *launches attack at screen, spilling cup of tea on the way*

Onci: Hey! *throws once clean tee on tea spill and collects ferret who is exacting her revenge on a 2D image and some power cables* Nairi, what is up with you?

YED: She is finally fulfilling her destiny!!

Onci: Okay enough of that… no one around here has a destiny, including Sammy over there *points at Muppet!Sammy, who stares back at her vacantly, then points to Sammy on the screen*

Nairi: Bugs! Bugs everywhere! ZOMG!

Onci: Wait.. *sniffs breath* Hey… Where the hell did you get chocolate?

Nairi: The lights are so bright… Lucy in the sky with diamonds… Lucy in the sky…

Onci: Man, you are gonna be a bitch when you come down. *tucks ferret in hoodie pocket and goes to find out where she hid the chocolate, pilfered from the great birthday caper (As Onci cannot eat chocolate)*

Nairi: Vengeance will be mine! All Winchesters shall suffer! All… *counts* twenty eight of them

Onci: *sighs* Just sleep is off there, Buckaroo Bonzai

[a/n: Chocolate is very dangerous to ferts as the sugar can give them insulima. Rest assured Onci found the rest of the chocolate Nairi had pilfered from the bag Onci had bought to bring into the office for her birthday. Who knew a fert was so skilled at opening candy bags?]