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Getting Ready For Winchesters

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Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 07:38 pm

(just for the record... Onci does have a ferret with surprisingly fresh breath at the moment. But it was sugarless, so no harm to Ms Butt)

Onci: *at the computer writing some on Padackles epic with Jax* And then Jensen licked... *hears a small crash from the living room* Dammit! *goes in to investigate, can't see Nairi* Where is that fert?

Nairi: *pounces on Onci's leg and twitches her whiskers* ZOMG! YAY! Here I am!

Onci: What have you been up to in here I heard a crash...

Nairi: *looking as innocent as a BESFD can* Noooothhhhiinnnnnng

Onci: *looks around some more be sees no obvious damage* Well, behave yourself.

Nairi: You got it, Pontiac

Onci: *goes back to writing* Now where was I? Oh yeah... Jensen licks... *hears a rattling from the living room* The Hell? *goes back to investigate and finds Nairi with her head in one of those 100 pcs Dentyne tubs* Nairi!

Nairi: *backs out of it, looking innocent* I didn't do it!

Onci: But I just caught you. What are you doing?

Nairi: Tonight is Winchester night... I have heard the way to lure men into a trap... I mean... make friends is to make sure you have good breath...

Onci: Nairi... you're a ferret. I really do't think your breath will help you lure them into your trap you think the word knows nothing of... *picks up ferret* But you DO have suprisingly fresh breath.

Nairi: Can I destroy... I mean ,,, play with Muppet!Sammy now? I need to train... uh... play.

Onci: Sure, but first, let me re-attach his arm

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From: blinkymulrooney
Date: Mar. 23rd, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)

Really, there is nothing more alluring than a ferret with minty-fresh breath.

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From: hippediva
Date: Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:06 am (UTC)

BWAAAHAAAA! She=devilette at Large. And minty-fresh!

Just wanted to also lyk---your Mom is in my thoughts and prayers and *hugs* phone call at some point? I lost the #, of course.

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